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DSZ Forensic Accounting & Consulting Services works for you to deliver a credible and defensible position that will best serve your client.

In litigation there are no "second chances"; years of experience dictate that being prepared is the minimum requirement to walk into a courtroom or prepare an expert report.  Our advantage has been that we come to court better prepared than the opposing expert, and we have worked extensively with counsel to anticipate different tactics that opposing counsel might employ to discredit our testimony.  By taking pre-trial preparation to this additional level of diligence, we enable counsel to anticipate problems before they occur in the courtroom.  Your client relationships are your most valuable asset, and we help you to maintain and strengthen that relationship by working toward a successful outcome. 

Whether your client's case requires an in-depth investigation or  a rigorous financial analysis to uncover or determine the extent of embezzlement, fraud, lost income, profits or other financial damages, our insight into the relationship between the legal process and financial matters provides you with a valuable advantage.

More often than not it is the creative approach that determines the outcome of complicated financial issues.  Our proven abilities to see beyond what is presented and, more importantly, to recognize what is not presented, have repeatedly set us apart. 

From strategy planning sessions to investigative interviewing and presentations of financial analyses, from document requests to expert witness testimony, our experience, credibility, judgment and commitment to preparation and professionalism can be the extra advantage you need in your next case.  That is why so many attorneys take us to court.

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